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Telescopic belt machine can be divided into four sections in many industries have a wide range of applications

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The number of telescopic belt machine can be divided into two sections, three sections and four sections. The width of the conveyor belt: 500,600,700,800,1000,1200 mm. Belt conveyor speed can be selected: fixed speed or variable speed. Belt conveyor direction can choose: one-way or two-way delivery of materials. Belt conveyor inclination can be selected: horizontal, fixed angle or automatic lift. Conveyor fixed base can choose: fixed or mobile. Delivery speed: <30 m / min. Conveyor capacity: <70 kg / m.

In addition, the telescopic belt conveyor can complete the three-dimensional automatic conveying system with the hoisting machine, roller conveyer, fixed belt conveyor, production assembly line and so on, and completes the work of entering raw materials, assembling, storing products, loading factory. . Telescopic belt conveyor is widely used in logistics, ports, docks, stations, airports, warehouses, mines, posts and telecommunications, electrical appliances, light industry, food, tobacco and other industries to complete the transmission and handling of goods, greatly improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity , Reduce the rate of damage to goods, shorten the travel, aircraft loading and unloading time. Is the enterprise to reduce product cost, improve efficiency and product quality and effective equipment.

Belt tension adjustment at the telescopic belt machine deviation adjustment is a very important part. Heavy hammer tension at the top of the two drum in addition to the vertical direction should be perpendicular to the direction of the belt should be perpendicular to the vertical line of gravity, that is, to ensure the axis of the centerline level. When tensioning with a helical or hydraulic cylinder, the two bearing housings of the tensioning drum should be translated simultaneously to ensure that the drum axis is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the belt. Specific belt deviation adjustment method and roller at the adjustment similar.

The belt of the telescopic belt conveyor can adjust the position of the idler roller group to adjust the deviation when the whole belt and the middle belt of the flexible belt conveyor are running off. In the manufacturing process, the mounting holes on both sides of the idler roller group are processed into long holes to make adjustment. , The specific method is which side of the belt biased, which side of the roller group toward the belt forward direction, or the other side of the back. Belt up the direction of deviation The roller group of the lower should be moved to the left, roller group on the right to move to the right.