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The structure and working principle of retractable belt conveyor

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The retractable belt conveyor consists of the following components: headstock, driving device, drive roller, tailstock, idler, intermediate frame, tail reversing device, unloading device, cleaning device, tensioning device and storage device. . Conveyor belt is a belt conveyor carrying members, with the material with the conveyor belt to run with the material according to the needs of the end of the conveyor or the middle part of the unloading, conveyor belt with a rotating roller support, running resistance, Can be arranged along the horizontal or inclined lines Telescopic belt conveyor is a conveyor belt as a traction and load-bearing components through the movement of the conveyor belt carrying materials for continuous transport of material transport equipment. Conveyor belt around the transmission roller and the tail roller to form an endless belt, the upper and lower conveyor belt supported by the roller to limit the deflection of the conveyor belt sag, the tensioning device for the normal operation of the conveyor belt to provide the required tension. In operation, the driving device drives the driving roller, and drives the conveying belt through the friction between the driving roller and the conveying belt. The material is arranged on the conveying belt and is moved together with the belt conveyor.

The retractable belt conveyors are generally unloaded at the ends and can be unloaded in the middle when a special unloading device is used. The main difference between the structure and general-purpose fixed-type extension of the conveyor belt is increased. Telescopic mechanism with storage tape, tape, tape and put the end of mobile devices, the middle frame for easy disassembly. The tape storage device comprises a fixed roller and a set of movable rollers mounted on the traveling cart. The conveyor belt is passed through two sets of rollers, and the distance between the two sets of rollers can be increased by tensioning the winch. Conveyor belt increased, the tail to move forward, the conveyor transport distance is shortened, and vice versa growth. The retract tape device is a device for removing and attaching the telescopic belt conveyor, which can be used to wind the removed conveyor belt into a roll or to connect the roll conveyor belt to the strip conveyor; thus, the length of the conveyor can be changed as desired. Retractable belt conveyor also has two kinds of horizontal and inclined, it is used with the bridge of the rotary machine for the next mining face of the roadway, can speed up the speed of the face, can also be used for roadheader tunneling face.