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Telescopic belt conveyor than other transport equipment in different places and its wide range of applications in various industries

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Telescopic belt conveyor than other transport equipment in different places and its wide range of applications in various industries

Belt machine we all know, can transport the material, then what is the telescopic belt machine? According to the principle of friction transmission, driven by the transmission belt conveyor belt, belt conveyor rewind to change drum, pulled by the telescopic linkage mechanism (Figure 1), the use of flexible belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt, Action from the action, so that the conveyor belt free telescopic.

Telescopic belt conveyor is one of the many transport machinery and equipment, called "telescopic belt machine" is because the body of the telescopic mechanism can be free of the root material technology to extend the length of the transmission line or shortened. Telescopic belt conveyor in order to facilitate the control of the length of the transmission line of the fuselage is also equipped with adjustable button device can be installed in the automatic lifting device machinery, according to the requirements of the material transfer line of arbitrary regulation, with management can easily control at any time The height of the conveyor end. Retractable belt machine in the use of major workshops not only can replace the manual handling of workers, but also shorten the distance from the handling, saving labor resources and capital, but also to avoid the damage of heavy materials, improve the efficiency of a lot of work.

The telescopic belt conveyor can be used for postal, newspaper, machinery, chemical, electrical and electronic, food processing industries, such as loading, unloading and other conveyance, which can be used to stretch and convey mail, lumps and pieces in horizontal and slope direction. Equipment support, to form a complete automated transmission system. Telescopic belt machine is in a certain range can be any variable distance transport, small footprint, multi-function, low power consumption, low noise, strong transport capacity. Objects can be directly into the compartment anywhere, a greater degree of reduced labor intensity and reduce the flow of goods damage rate, the enterprise is the ideal equipment to reduce product costs.