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Problems to be Paid Attention to when Purchasing Large Angle Belt Conveyor

时间:2016-10-10 所属分类:Industry news浏览:

Large angle conveyor belt for easy transportation of scattered powdery, granular, small block, paste and liquid-like materials. With a wide range of use, small footprint, transportation capacity, high efficiency characteristics.

1. In the process of transport, the conveyor belt is mainly bear the tension, the use of its effect plays an important role, if the rigidity of the conveyor belt is caused by lateral deformation caused by sprinkle and so on. Generally require at least six layers above the core layer.

2. Look at the partition and skirt, according to the conveyor to select the volume to determine the skirt height, spacing the size of the partition, the size of effective bandwidth and other factors.

Large angle conveyor belt angle in the 0 ° ~ 90 ° angle of the environment work. To achieve the transport can not reach the point of view, to further reduce the project cost, shorten the transport distance, saving manpower.

3. Large angle angle conveyor belt over 70 degrees should be used to cover the band, (the use of the benefits of cover tape to prevent leakage caused damage to the baseband; also increase the volume of the material).

4. Big angle belt conveyor requirements on the drum than the flat belt much higher requirements, if the case with the model with a flat belt than the use of the drum model to be large.

5. Baseband: Corrugated ribbed belt conveyor belt base is mainly subjected to tension, but in the course of its use of lateral rigidity and performance also plays a significant role. If the conveyor belt stiffness is too small, then the conveyor belt to produce lateral deformation, causing sprinkle and so on. (Such as the choice of CC-56 cotton canvas core conveyor belt, breaking strength 56N / mm, the core layer at least 6 layers or more - with 6 layers, the plastic cover thickness = 4.5mm above the plastic cover thickness = 1.5mm ).

6. Baffle, skirt: In the selection of skirt skirt should first consider the conveyor volume, such as: skirt height, the size of partition spacing, the size of the effective bandwidth.