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Belt tensioner and change to the drum analysis

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Belt tensioners and change to the drum Analysis:

First, the belt tensioning device

The role of conveyor tensioning device is: to ensure that the belt has enough tension, so that the roller and the belt between the friction required and to limit the belt in the support roller between the sag, so that the belt conveyor normal operation. Commonly used tensioning device

Screw tensioning device and heavy hammer tensioning device. The screw tensioner is tensioned by two screws. Turn the screw, the tension roller bearing seat will produce a certain displacement. Spiral tension device short trip, while they can not guarantee constant tension, generally applicable to a shorter distance from the power of small conveyor. Heavy hammer tensioners can always maintain a uniform tension on the conveyor belt, since floating weights can be adjusted automatically according to operating conditions. Can effectively guarantee the constant tension, generally applicable to a long distance from the power of the conveyor.

1. Ensure that the belt conveyor drive roller separation point of sufficient tension, so as to ensure that the drive device must rely on friction transmission friction traction to drive the normal operation of the conveyor.

2. To ensure that the most arrogant load bearing lithium tension must be to limit the conveyor belt between the sag in the roller to ensure the normal operation of belt conveyors, not due to conveyor belt slippage caused by slippage, deviation and so on.

3. Compensate the plastic deformation and the transition condition of the conveyor belt elongation change. As the load changes will cause the length of the conveyor belt changes, creep phenomenon will also cause the conveyor belt elongation, so the tension is changing, you must always adjust the position of the tension roller, belt conveyor to ensure the normal work.

4. Prepare the necessary travel for the re-connection of the conveyor belt. Each belt conveyor has a number of joints, may be a problem in the street at some time, must be cut to redo, but this time by relaxing the tension device to re-connect to solve.

Second, the belt conveyor to change drum

The effect of the steering drum is to change the direction of winding of the belt so that the belt forms a closed loop. Reversing roller can be used as the tail roller conveyor to form the tensioning device tensioning the drum and the belt to produce different angles of change. Reversed to the drum made of cast iron and steel made of two. Due to the elasticity of the rubber, you can remove the scraps on the drum, the drum also has to change the package of plastic and not covered two.