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Belt machine four protection which specific and what each protection function

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Belt machine seven protection which specific and what each protection function

Belt conveyor seven protection: heap of coal sensors, temperature sensors, speed sensors, deviation sensor, smoke sensors, emergency stop switch, tear sensor;

Belt machine various protection functions:

(1), speed protection (GSC speed sensor): When the belt conveyor is running, the slave drum safety does not turn continuously for more than 5-10S, the low-speed fault alarm signal delay to maintain about 2S ± 1S.

(2), heap protection (GUJ30 pile sensor): When the coal bit sensor guide rod 45 ° ± 5 ° deviation from the center line, the delay of 13 seconds, to achieve fault protection shutdown.

(3), deviation protection (GEJ30 deviation sensor): When the deviation of the deviation of the guide wire deviation from the center line 15 ° ± 5 °, the delay 10S ± 5S, to achieve deviation protection.

(4), smoke protection (GQQ0.1 smoke sensor): When generating smoke, the smoke sensor will send this signal to the host, immediately smoke protection.

(5), temperature protection (GWD temperature sensor): When the monitoring point temperature exceeds the temperature sensor set temperature (+80 ℃), the product immediately to achieve temperature fault protection.

(6), along the emergency stop protection (KHJ emergency stop switch): When along an emergency stop switch is connected, the product immediately realize the parking protection.

(7), tear tape protection (GVD tear sensor with tear, the tear sensor with the electrical signal to the host, the host immediately to achieve parking protection.