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Analysis on the Field Installation Process of Retractable Belt Conveyor and the Standard Analysis of Final Inspection

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Installation of telescopic belt conveyor project, the installation of telescopic belt conveyor frame is installed from the beginning of the first frame, and then install the sections in the middle frame, and finally install tailstock. Before installing the rack, it is necessary to pull the centerline on the length of the conveyor to maintain the centerline of the conveyor in a straight line is an important condition for the normal operation of the conveyor belt, so the installation of the rack, you must Quasi-center line, but also take the shelf level, rack on the center line of the allowable error, the length of each meter is ± 0.1mm. But the total length of the conveyor on the rack center of the error shall not exceed 35mm. Once all the blocks have been set up and aligned, the blocks can be connected.

Install the idler

After the installation of the frame, transmission and tensioning device, it can be mounted on the idlers of the upper and lower idlers, so that the conveyer belt has a slowly changing arc, and the spacing between the roller supports is 1 / 2 to 1/3. Roller installation, should be flexible and light to turn it.

Install the drive unit

When installing the drive, care must be taken that the drive shaft of the telescopic belt conveyor is perpendicular to the centerline of the telescopic belt conveyor so that the center of the width of the drive drum coincides with the centerline of the conveyor and the axis of the reducer is parallel to the drive axis. At the same time, all axes and rollers should be leveled. The horizontal error of the shaft is allowed to be in the range of 0.5 to 1.5 mm depending on the width of the conveyor. Install the drive device at the same time, you can install the tail wheel and other tensioning device, tensioning device drum axis, stretching belt should be the center line perpendicular to the machine.

Final standards for the telescopic belt conveyor To ensure that the conveyor belt always runs on the centerline of the rollers and rollers, the following requirements must be met when installing idlers, stands, and rollers:

Hanging conveyor belt hanging conveyor belt, the first belt conveyor belt in the idler section of the roller, surrounded by holding the drive roller, and then deposited in the heavy section of the roller. Hanging strip can be used 0.5-1.5t hand winch. When tightening the straps, the rollers of the tensioning device should be moved to the extreme position to pull the trolley and screw-down device in the direction of the transmission; the vertical pick-up device is to move the drum to the top . Before tightening the conveyor belt, reducer and motor should be installed, inclined conveyor to install the brake device. After the installation of telescopic belt conveyor, the need for idle test machine.

The support structure must be straight and horizontally horizontal. To this end, after the drive drum and roller rack installation, the conveyor should be the center line and the level of the final alignment. The rack is then secured to the foundation or floor. After the telescopic belt conveyor is fixed, the feeding and discharging device can be installed.