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Analysis of the Characteristics of the Roller and Reversing Roller and Its Function in the Belt

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The characteristics of roller and the change to the drum and the role in the belt machine analysis:

The roller is used to support the belt and with the movement of the belt for rotary motion components. The role of rollers is to support the belt, reducing the movement of the belt resistance, so that the belt does not exceed the provisions of the sag limit to ensure smooth running belt. Roller can be divided according to their use

For the groove-shaped roller, flat roller, buffer roller and self-aligning roller. The diameter of the idler is usually inch series, can also be customized. More commonly used roller diameter Ф25.4mm, Ф38.1mm, Ф50.8mm, Ф76.2mm, ...

1, radial runout is small, the use of high-precision steel roller, precision machining to ensure the balance of the roller rotation, 2, roller rotation resistance, energy saving, roller rotation resistance coefficient With the roller diameter and bearing diameter Different changes, the company's system of roller rotation resistance coefficient of 0.01 or less. Taking into account the other conditions in the operation of the conveyor, the calculation of belt conveyor power use NC roller, the simulated friction coefficient of 0.02 or less, while the use of other general roller friction coefficient simulation need to use 0.022 ~ 0.030. Thus the energy-saving effect fully reflects the superiority of our products.

The effect of the steering drum is to change the direction of winding of the belt so that the belt forms a closed loop. Reversing roller can be used as the tail roller conveyor to form the tensioning device tensioning the drum and the belt to produce different angles of change. Reversed to the drum made of cast iron and steel made of two. Due to the elasticity of the rubber, you can remove the scraps on the drum, the drum also has to change the package of plastic and not covered two. Directional drum, also known as the main steering roller, it is a common transport machinery parts, mainly used in the direction of change bending conveyor belt or compact belt to increase the transmission drum with the wolf package angle. It is a driving device for all kinds of moving belt conveyors, and it can also be used for some fixed belt conveyors. It is widely used in the fields of machinery, metallurgy, mining, port, chemicals, cement, iron and steel. It is characterized by: compact, light weight, small footprint, reliable performance, good looks, the use of safe and convenient, in the dust, wet muddy and other harsh conditions can still work properly.